What really is inspiration? Many a times we tend to misuse this word or we use it to mean what it is but we often get uninspired immediately we walk out of the door. Well, I believe inspiration is something or someone’s word or actions that make one want to do something great or change something within them.

Over the past few days, I have been inspired in many aspects. Over the weekend I got inspiration about my spiritual life. Pastors Cornelius and Heather Lindsey, Grace Msalame, Ernest Wamboye and Victoria Rubadiri got to inspire me during the #RevivalTourKE. On Sunday service, Pastor Ambrose Nyangao was at it again. This man of God teaches the Word in a simple and fun way which sticks in the mind. It is easy to apply it in real life.

Come Monday afternoon, I receive a text from a friend of mine that she has paid school fees and enrolled in college and she will start school in March.Of course I am happy for her and I go ahead to tell her in the evening of how I am grateful to God that her dream came to pass. All she kept saying was how I have inspired her to be who she is, how I never got tired of teaching her some things and how she is grateful that my vision for her came to pass.

On Thursday morning, a student I mentored during the 2016 high achievers camp calls me to tell me how I inspired him to achieve great. On Wednesday afternoon, I see a friend request and I accept and the guy goes like you mentored me and I need us to connect on WhatsApp. That is how I got the call where he said how I had inspired him to work hard in school. He got an A- and was the 1st boy in Taveta and he wants to pursue marine engineering. The thing that motivated him is I stood to speak to them and I mentioned that I was doing a masters degree. He thought to himself if I could do it at a young age so could he. From that day he knew he would like to excel and be more like me.

This call made my day. I was so humbled and it made me want to impact more lives. One of my 1st posts was on what impact will I leave behind and as the days go by i am grateful to God that I am leaving a mark as I go.

On Thursday night, I was chatting with a friend and at the end of it she says that “sometimes I just wanna hear from you. Your wisdom surpasses your age.” This statement cut deep in my heart. I have always prayed to God to grant me wisdom and I am grateful that He has done so.

As I pen off, I pray that I get to continue inspiring many generations to come as I also get inspired by others who are great.


Blessings Galore Continued

As I sit to write about this, all that goes through my mind is this song; Count your blessings name them one by one…Count your blessings see what God has done. Indeed He has been God over my life and I can’t thank Him enough for this far. He truly is Ebenezer, My God, My Pillar, My Strong Tower, My Rock and My Salvation.

Oh Yes! It is the graduation morning and here I am writing this. I still can’t believe it is here. I still need a pinch to wake up from this dream and come to reality that truly God has done it for me. We started the journey many of us but few finished the race. It’s not because I am any special or because of the brains but it is all about God.

My two years journey started way back at JKUAT MSA CBD. First day in class and we were told so many requirements and even given the room to quit if we are not able to manage. I went home thinking I will quit. I wasn’t sure if I could publish a paper, if I could manage the many requirements of JKUAT. Here I am now having gone through the system and proud of it. My biggest worry was the mentality of studying with my elders. How was I going to approach them? Will we ever manage to get along? One thing I came to learn is in class we are all equal. Grateful to all my classmates, lecturers, family and friends for the support all through.

If I was to give a speech it would be the following:

To God almighty for enabling me to come this far, Papa asante. Like size 8, pale umenitoa baba ni mbali na pale unanipeleka ni far zaidi. I give you all glory and with thanksgiving in my heart I call you Yahweh.

Special thanks to the following: my first desk mate who made life easier. Patrick I hope you one day get to go back and finish your studies. Grace, you were that special friend who kept updating me about all the progress on Whatsapp. You were patient enough until I got a phone that could access the class updates. May God reward you always for your selfless giving attitude. Rhodah, Sarah, Peninah, Makuu and Fatma you were my second mums. Close enough as my mum and yet friends full of wisdom. I picked several lessons from you all and I am truly grateful. Nassim, Cosy, Mercy, Jacqueline, Ann, Maurine, Irene, Lydiah, Sikalili and Fenella, you were more than sisters. I am grateful for that. When I was down you picked me up. May God reward you abundantly. To my brothers from another mother, Wycliffe, Simon, Sammy, Valentine, Nicholas, Bwire, Victor, Dan, Mike, Ken, Dennis and David may God honour your heart’s desires for being good bros to me. To all my fellow stategists, I am humbled for the opportunity you gave me to serve you as your class representative.

I can’t forget to thank my lecturers who imparted the knowledge and wisdom in the field of strategic management. Dr. Mugambi – you are true inspiration. You made lectures fun and enjoyable. The life lessons I picked from you are truly impactful. May God bless you. Dr. Fridah, a lady full of wisdom. Thank you for sharing some of it. Dr. Datche, you have a special heart. May God bless you. Dr. Lucy, you have walked with me the project journey for a year. I am grateful for the critique because it made me strive hard to achieve the goal. George Mbugua, George Ochieng’, Adet, Abdalla, Boaz, Njoroge and Babu I am grateful for the knowledge you imparted.

To my employers: RBTC, Kuza and Undugu, thank you for understanding and giving me the opportunity to pursue my dreams.

To all my friends and fellow mentors at Undugu Mentorship, I am grateful for the encouragement. Thomas and Samson thank you for always reassuring me that the journey is simple and that I could do it too just like you did it. Thank you for helping me in the proposal journey. For your critique, I am grateful. To all the peer mentors who kept looking up to me and holding me accountable even when I felt like giving up, I am humbled to have inspired you. Phenny, for always understanding me when I vented out about the project, for giving me time to study, I am indeed grateful. You are a special person and I pray that God will reward you abundantly.

My former classmates at KU, you have all held me accountable to achieving this degree. May God open doors for you.

To my family, I can’t thank you all enough. Dad, you are my hero. For the sacrifices you made to see me this far, I lack the words to express my gratitude. May God reward you more. Mum, you have been my pillar of strength. I have ran to you countless times. I am indeed honoured to have you in my life. Meshack, Lucy, Samba and Mary, thank you for the encouragement along the way. A family that prays together stays together indeed. Indeed God has heard and answered our prayers. He deserves all the Glory, Honour and Praise. Imela Jesus.

My mentees: Edlinah, Collins, Rashid, Gibran, Collins, Irene among others, I am indeed indebted to you for holding me accountable in this journey. I met most of you when I had started the project. Through it you have been a source of inspiration and have made the journey easy. When I couldn’t think anymore, when I couldn’t type anymore, when I felt I should take a break and even at the verge of giving up, your words of encouragement kept me. You all have a special place in my heart. As you have started your journey in campus, I pray that God may enable you to achieve more and excel to greater heights.

Grateful to Eunice, Dickson, George, Samba and Phenny. This project has been a success because you stood with me. Even when we made jokes about how far the graduation was, you still believed that it would come. When I lost hope you picked me up. I am truly amazed by your selfless giving to me. Thank you for being true friends to me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Time flies indeed. Just the other day I was mentoring my group at TTUC and here they are today welcoming me to their rooms as their mentor and good friend. I count you twice when counting my blessings as you are first my mentees and second my friends. The respect you accord me and the wishes that you pray for me, I lack words. I pray you grow in wisdom and the fear of God. The eve and morning of this graduation day has been filled with laughter and love from you my dear ones. I have set an example to you and I am confident that you will follow my footsteps. Thank you Edlinah and Collins.

I sat to listen to my aunt Dorah who has been a second mum to me ever since high school. She is happy and proud of me for the achievement so far. One thing that came out strong is that gratitude to God for even the smallest things in life is key. She goes on to say that people will always want to be associated with success. The prayers she says upon my life are indeed Amen.

So many congratulatory messages from all over and I am grateful. For all the presents, may God bless you all and increase you. May your cups overflow.

Glad that God has enabled me to see His goodness in the land of the living. As I was going to town, I saw a car that was written FAVOURED ISAIAH 1:19 (If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land). I told Edlinah the guy is eating the good of the land. It is my prayer too that I will be willing and obedient to God always so that I may eat the good of the land.

As I pen off, I wish to end with a prayer:

Heavenly Father, Creator of the Universe, You who has good plans for us all, plans that are to give us a future and a hope, I humbly come to You this morning with thanksgiving in my heart for Your goodness, faithfulness and mercies upon my life. I am humbled this morning to call You Father. Lord You have done it for me. You have not put me to shame. You have elevated me this morning. I pray that I may not put You to shame, I pray that I may be obedient to Your call and always hearken unto You. This morning may You be exalted for doing this for me. Guide my steps this day. As I go to graduate, Father let You be given all the praise as it is by Your strength and Your power that this day has come. Thank you for all the answered prayers. Thank you for this journey. Bless each and every one who has been with me throughout this journey. May You meet them at the point of their needs. To all that I inspired through this journey, Lord may You help them to achieve even more. Lord, I dedicate this degree to You, may it be used to give You glory and honour always. May it be all about You Lord. Thank you Jesus for Your love and Your care, thank you for who You are in my life. I bless You Lord, I honour You Father and I love You Daddy. May Your perfect will be done in my life. I pray this believing and trusting in Jesus name. AMEN.

This entry was posted on November 25, 2016.

Blessings Galore

Count your blessings name them one by one, count your blessings see what God has done…. This song has been ringing in my mind for quite some time now. As I turn a year older, I choose to count my blessings. The Lord has been so gracious to me in the past year and I cannot thank Him enough. First came an internship opportunity in an international organization. This opened great doors for me in the county of Mombasa. I met, conversed and dined with dignitaries. These were truly some of the most beautiful moments of my past year.

Then came my nephew #Amitai. This baby has really grown to be the best there ever is. Love him so much. He has brought out some motherly instincts in me. Singing him a lullaby for him will always be my joy. Glad that I was the very first to carry him on my back.

I happened to also finish my course work. Glory to the Most High. Project journey started. it was a bit hectic and tough along the way but I am glad that this morning I did defend my proposal. Happy that the new year has also started with great things.

I happened to be among the first people chosen to do the first ever Undugu camp. The experience I got after interacting with the great minds was really awesome. I will always remember Collins Moti for challenging me to think bigger. Camp 2 was even greater. Meeting new students with more vigor made it the place to be. I remember telling one of the mentors that if I had to quit my job, I would do mentorship all day every day.

Taveta experience was great. A watchman in one of the schools made our day. Using the metal detector on the van instead of human beings really made us think twice about the security issue and acknowledge that mentorship is not only about books but also modern day life.

Getting a better job was something that I had wished for since January. Glory to God for enabling it to happen. The support being accorded to me has really been great and extremely humbling. Thank you to the Undugu family for making it happen.

I attended the best graduation and I think the third in life. Kudos to you Beatrice. Hearing your name and screaming was great to us. You honoring us by allowing us to be a part of your big day was humbling to us. You gave the little ones a chance to attend a graduation ceremony and I am sure that motivated them to wish to join university. Thank you for the opportunity for allowing us to adopt you into our family. Now that you got the powers to read, girl, you should go for it.

Weddings have always been my thing. I think it is every woman’s dream to have one. This dream came true to my two cousins Sue and Jemimah. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your big days. May God continue to bless your unions and guide you through.

Festive season was awesome. Bonding time with family. Thank you God for this wonderful family. I couldn’t ask for any other. The bond we share together was truly made in heaven. I pray that you may help us to continue being close together. Bless us and may we continue to see Your goodness.

The gift of friends new and the all time ones has really kept me going. I wish I could mention you all. Yours has been a love that knows no bounds. May God richly bless you all and enlargen your territories.

Lastly for the gift of seeing another year, I am grateful. I do not take it for granted that I am alive to celebrate this day. For all those that made it special I say a big thank you. To God above, Imela Daddy. May I continue to abide in your word, grow in wisdom and to always listen to You. As the year started, I prayed for restoration in all areas of my life and I am grateful for the things that you have already started restoring. This year is going to be awesome because I put my all in You to guide my steps to it. I love you Lord. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Here are some marriage questions and advice.

  1. Is marriage permanent? Yes it is. Marriage is an everlasting covenant.
  2. What does one do when they feel fed up? When things are tough, take them to the Lord. Love matures on trials.
  3. What if my partner abandons me? Marriage is not for abandonment. When you withdraw consent in marriage, you kill it. Fight for it.
  4. What happens if my marriage becomes boring? Marriage is made up of routine. Break off from routine. Liven up your marriage. The life of your marriage is in your relationship. Keep evaluating your marriage.


  1. Covenants don’t die. You must have character for covenant.
  2. Good communication should be there for the covenant to last.
  3. Learn to sort out conflicts. Always end a fight with an act of forgiveness.
  4. Talk to each other not at each other.
  5. Don’t fire your best man and best maid.



I look at the time and lo! it is 3:00 am. This is one of those nights again where sleep disappears and I am left gazing at my laptop deep into various things but mostly internet. Time has flown since I wished the last person good night who apparently told me it was 12:10 in Norway which is an hour behind our Kenyan local time. I remember telling him that I am looking at some JEL classifications and some revision then I will sleep. Two hours down the line and I notice I have done more than that. In these wee hours of the night, I looked at some people’s profiles and I happened to see this gratitude challenge idea and i remembered about the impact people have left and are still leaving in me. Some might even not know it but they do inspire me in their deeds and others words. Nobody has nominated me in this challenge but the good thing is if I was nominated my five days would be over without me appreciating all. Since mine cannot fit in a post, I decide to write it in this blog.

First and foremost, I give thanks to God the almighty, giver of life and strength. You are really an awesome God. For all the wonders, great and mighty things that you have done for me, I am truly grateful. For my fingers to type this, the eyes to see, the mind to interpret what is in my heart for as your word says, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, here I am putting it down for the world to see what a Mighty God you are. I am grateful for the purpose you put me here on earth for. May you help me to always remember it and fulfill it in my days here on earth. I thank you for the plans you have for me and for all the promises upon my life. I am really grateful.

To my lovely parents, words are not enough to explain what you have done for me. Dad, you are my hero. You have been there for me through thick and thin, you have been the brother that we never had and the best father in the world. Most people say that you have spoilt us as your daughters and I concur with them. The sacrifices you have made to see me where I am today, are really enormous and I am lost for words. Daddy, you have showed me how selfless you are and the love you have for us as a family knows no boundaries. You are our pillar and as the head of our family, we appreciate that. Your words of wisdom in the late hours of the many Saturday and Sunday nights are what keep us going. For the shelter, education, food, clothing and all other provisions, papa, I am grateful. You have appreciated me even in my shortcomings. You have accepted me as I am and I am grateful.

Mum, you are the best. Your love, care, support, shoulder to lean on, words of inspiration and prayers have made me be the Tina you know today. You have been more than a mother to me taking up so many roles; a friend, a big sister, teacher of the Word, confidant, nurse, best cook and many others. Truly, you are a blessed woman. You have a special heart, kind one and so merciful. You have taught me that it doesn’t matter what the whole world thinks about me, what matters is what God says about me. You have uplifted my spirit many times and I always know where to run to when I have any issue. The many stories we share till dawn on Saturday nights, the jokes, the fun we have together and the bond we share couldn’t be possible without you. At times, we even forget we are your daughters coz you make us feel like your sisters. Mummy, I cannot repay you enough for the sacrifices you have made for me. You have climbed mountains that were too high for me and all I can tell you is chawucha sana mummy. May the God you serve never leave you nor forsake you. May He put you before kings and great men as He promises in Proverbs 22;29.

Lucy, sijui nianzie wapi dada. You are truly an inspiration in my life. You are the perfect example of a great leader. Dearest, the standards you have set for us are so high and we strive to achieve them. You are my confidant and I thank God for a loving sister like you. Lucy, thank you for showing me the way. In times of sorrow, laughter and joy, you have stood by me always encouraging me to push on and never to give up. Your words of wisdom are of weight and uplifting to a dying soul. You inspire me. Sometime last week, mum said that first borns have great wisdom given to them by God that it doesn’t matter what burden one has, if they tell it out to the first born the issue becomes so light and they never tell out those secrets. I can attest to that. The times I have shared with you have been memorable. You have taken me places. I am grateful dear. I pray that the Lord will bless you and your family and expand your territories. I know that even if the whole world rejects me, I have a sister who won’t. Thanks for selflessly giving yourself to serve us as a family.

Eng. Sambacito, Miss Morgan, Maplizo, Pauline plus the nine names we used to sing to you when you were young, you can choose the one that suits you dear sis. Yako ni mengi hata nitajaza gazeti. It may though seem as if I do not appreciate what you have done for me but the truth is I am really grateful. I do not know what to say to you. I lack the right words. You are the one who listens to me even when I am boring you with my long detailed stories, you still listen to me. You are my best friend and at times mother. You may never know it but at times you say stuff that make me feel as it was mum who said them. You have encouraged me and helped me learn that the sky is the limit and what a man can do, a woman can do it best. You are a fighter and that is a good lesson for me. You appreciate me the way I am and even in all my flaws, you are still there with me. Thanks dear. I am grateful for being my taste buds in all the funny recipes I try out. Every morning, you invite the presence of the Lord in our house and I love it. You are a worshiper. May you be true to your calling and may God honour your heart’s desires. For all your event planning skills, your laughter which brings joy to all and your jokes, I am grateful. Be assured you have a job from me when the time for “kilambo chadireda aha eeh, hecho dawachiwona” comes.

Mary, my baby sister, I am so grateful for you. You will forever be my baby sister. You are so generous. Never on earth have I seen a generous person like you. You give selflessly and without expecting anything in return. You have taught me the art of giving and I am still a student in your class. I appreciate that you find a friend in me more  than the sister. Thank you for trusting me with your secrets. You are so loving and full of a kind heart. I am proud of you and grateful that you came into our lives late so that we could learn how to take care of a baby. Thank you for your words of encouragement and your compassion. Love you dear. For your God fearing nature, may you live for Him all the days of your life.

To my family in general, I am grateful for all. The bond we share is too strong that I pray it remains so forever. For the great support and love you have showed me, I am humbled. I will forever treasure and cherish you. May God meet each one of you at the point of your needs and may He do you good all the days of your lives.

With love and from a grateful heart of your daughter, sis,

Maplizo the second.

Gratitude diary continues since it is apparently 5:00 am and I need to catch some sleep.


What is a farewell? I think it is the time where we wish someone the happiness they deserve as they forge ahead to pursue other things in life. According to Google, it is an act of parting or of marking someone’s departure or it is used to express good wishes on parting. It is also Biblical to bid farewell.

This morning, my workmates bid me farewell. It was an emotional time for me and some other people. The good thing is some joked about it and the tears didn’t come flowing down our cheeks. I sit in the office and have a flashback of how it all started.

I came as a stranger a year ago. The journey has not been easy but I thank God because He enabled me. I laugh out loud remembering how at times I could go home and cry when things were tough, how I could cry in the office and even how I could cry when telling my mum. It was nice always having the reassuring voice and words of a mother at those times.

I then remember going out for the blood drive sessions where you mobilize people to donate blood and the answers you get are so disheartening. I remember someone once said that his blood is only fit for dogs and not the patient. I prayed hard that it may not happen so to him as there is power in your tongue and whatever you confess, you possess. Others could look at their hands and then tell you they do not have enough blood. You convince them further that they will look for reasons to not donate. At times you get pissed for lack of knowledge and at times you just give them the knowledge and let them decide after all it is voluntary.

I remember the youth groups that I could go share the knowledge with. Kudos to those who picked up the program and for the part you played. God bless you.

I remember how we worked together as a team to see the patients in Coast region have a reason to live and smile even at their darkest moments. I remember the people I met while I was working and those that could come back to say thank you for saving their patients and I kept saying all gratitude goes back to the donors. I could not take the credit because I did my part in ensuring the blood reached the patient but the one who gave it out really deserved the thumbs up.

I remember the pledge 25 Kenya fraternity and all the chances they gave me. All the meetings I attended with them and the beautiful souls they have. All I can say is thank you for the good work. I cannot thank you enough. May the good Lord Bless you abundantly. KNBTS as a whole, you moulded me to be who I am today. I am really grateful for the chance you gave to me. RBTC Msa staff, you helped me grow and I am grateful. The words of wisdom and advise you each gave me made me stronger and I am grateful. It is in this place that I met second mothers and fathers and the brothers that I never had. May God bless you abundantly too. You impacted my life in a special way.

I remember I once wrote about the impact I will leave behind. I hope I left an impact in the institution and also in the lives of all those that were around me during my period here. As I proceed on to another phase of my life, I pray that you will all continue to have a heart for souls. Numbers 6:24-26 is my prayer for you all. My prayers are with you all. Once again, thank you so much and I will miss you.


I keep wondering who you are and where you are. As most people come my way, I keep asking myself, ‘Is this the one”? Many a times I go to bed thinking, “when will I meet the one or have I met the one?” If we have not met, how will we meet? Where will it be? What kind of setting will I meet the one at/in? If we have met, who among them all is the one? When will you be revealed to me?

At times, I see other people and I admire them. This makes me believe I will also be admired too someday. That may seem as is I am comforting myself or giving myself false hope but hey, I know that someday the one and I will be admired. Call it whatever you feel like but I believe it is hope and faith.

On the biblical perspective though, faith without actions is dead. I get to the inner me and ask myself, “am I putting this faith in action?” I then remember a Daily Hope post by Rick Warren where he says that it is our choice and God leads, guides and gives guidelines. Pastor Rick goes on further to say that God gives us a description of the kind of person that He desires for us to be the one. Am I too choosy? Maybe yes maybe no. Are my standards/preferences too “out of the world”? I believe I ain’t perfect and so is the one.

I look at my mentors and I wonder if they also took time to find the one or theirs was different. Not all people are the same and so are our experiences. I believe that we are all in a process of being shaped and refining. As I get shaped and refined, so is the one.

I remember seeing a certain celeb who made a website for the one and praised the one. This morning I watch crossover and they bring guests who inspire me to look at their mushy website. As I listen to their story I get to ask myself questions about the one. I think it is as a result of their story that I get to write about the one.

As I end here, I would like to end with some words for the one. There are times I wished you were here with me to celebrate my success and to cry with me. Then I remember that everything has its own time and above all God’s time is always the best. Once I attended mavuno church and Pastor Mureithi Wanjau said that we should stop searching for the one and be the one. I head his advice and I am being the one for you. I will wait for you and as you come to me, I pray that you will be shaped and refined so that we can fit each other. I promise to submit to you just as required by the Bible and to be who God made me to be for you. May God keep us till we meet. May you be the one for me as I be the one for you.